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  • Solo Show, Seoul, South Korea

    Thank you Seoul for an amazing show and stay.  Was such a pleasure to show a new body of work with GGallery and the lovely team behind it.  Everyone made my brief stay there a pleasure.  The show was such a success and  thanks to the team - Jinny, Dakyoung and Suyoung.  Thanks to everyone…
  • All Saints x GM-C

    Whilst I was in Taipei I was asked my All Saints clothing to paint a leather jacket for them.  Here is the video of the process.  Loved the collaboration and the future projects that hold with them.
  • Esquire Magazine

    I was featured in June's Esquire magazine for China and Taiwan.   Sorry if you can't read Chinese but here is a link to the online version were you can use google translate.  Esquire Magazine GM-C
  • Forbes

    I was interviewed by Forbes and if you would like to read the whole interview please click on the image

  • Solo Show at Gin Huang Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan “Same Tomorrow As Yesterday”

    I flew out to Taipei in May for a solo show at the Gin Huang gallery.  Was a overwhelming experience!  Thanks to the hospitality from Gin and her team and also the people I met there.  There was a queue from five in the morning!  There were a lot of photos and some great people…
  • Knots Rugs x GM-C

    I collaborated again with Knots Rugs, London, Chelsea.  The outcome I feel was incredible.  The quality and standard they are made (if you see previous posts you can see the process) to is just memorising!  Very interesting to be part of the process.
  • Artual show in Beirut

    I was invited out to Beirut for a show with Artual gallery.  It was some of the most incredible days I have ever experienced.  The show in itself was properly the best I have have taken part in.  The energy in the room was just amazing.  Everything sold too which is always nice!

    I was out there with two other extremely talented artist Rob Tucker and Jonni Cheatwood.  We all got on so well and had the time of our lives in one of the most incredible cities on this planet.  Paris of the East!  From the moment we stepped of the plane (literally) it was the most welcoming experience by the people and the families we were  hanging out with.  I can’t remember laughing so much for so many days!  Also the Prime Mister came to the show which was pretty impressive!

  • In Situ

    All in Situ! Here is images of paintings in their homes also just before they head off. As I stretch my paintings my self it is always good to see it from the moment I start priming the canvas to the end result. When I stretch them it is as they come alive and take on a whole new persona. From that to hanging in their new homes it is quite a journey.

  • Cover Magazine

    I was in this months Cover Magazine which is the go to magazine in the interiors design world.

  • Nathan Pask vs GM-C

    The very talented Nathan Pask that is basically the ‘go to’ photographer for most brands in the world and magazines had a spare day and wanted to come round and photograph me so I could not say no!  Have know the great man for about 10 years and had not seen him in quite a few of them so was great to catch up.  It is always a good sign when the photographer makes you at ease just like he did as the images come out as good as they did.

  • Group Show Abidjan

    This month I flew out to Abidjan in the Ivory Coast for a group show with Artual gallery.

  • Knots rugs

    Knots Rugs in Chelsea, London are collaborating with me on a 4meter x 3meter rug due out in September. The high end rug specialists approached me with an idea about taking three artists and making their artwork into extremely beautiful rugs.

    The rugs which take up to nine months to make go through an extremely thorough process (as seen below, lifted from Knots Rugs website).

    The rugs will have different textures just as my paintings do. I love the fact that you will be able to feel/touch the different textures that will be represented on the rug. For example the Impasto will be double knotted and raised.

    Stay tuned for more details.

  • Southam Street Restaurant, Nottinghill, London

    I was commissioned to come up with an abstract corner painting for a new members bar/ restaurant in the heart of Nottinghill, London. It was quite a task trying to work this out! I had to think in different dimensions as per usual. Usually I will think very flat as this is how most my work is on a basic square canvas. With this project though it was quite the task thinking around a corner.

  • Penguin Essentials Book Cover

    Been 7 months in the in the making! Very different project for me! There was about 30 ideas put down but very happy with the outcome! Very honoured to be asked to do a Penguin Essential cover alongside other previous artist like @faileart @obeygiant @cleonpeterson . Thank you @penguinclassics . It’s a great book and a great author – Mohsin Hamid

  • winnie harlow george morton-clark

    MARR X George Morton-Clark

    MARR the clothing line asked me to collaborate with them on their clothing line. It has been a year in the making and has taken a huge amount of my tim up. We went through a lot of ideas and MANY different styles too. In the end I was extremely happy with the out come. Seems like I started a trend in the fashion world!

  • Decorex

    As my collaboration with Knots Rugs is going to be shown at the internationally renowned interior design fair Decorex.  They asked me for a 5 minute interview. Here is the 5 minute interview I did but If you would like to see it in person the link is here Decorex 5 MINUTES WITH... GEORGE MORTON-CLARK George…
  • macmillian ART AUCTION london


    George Morton-Clark along side, Tracey Emin, Sir Peter Blake, Rankin and Damien Hirst, donate work to the Macmillan De’Longhi Art Auction.

  • L.I.F.E collective with Libertine Libertine

    L.I.F.E collective come round to the studio to interview me. I was also dressed by Libertine Libertine.

  • Kunst Zurich With Vertes Modern

    Sometimes you get to sit next to your heroes! Vertes Modern my gallery that represents me in Switzerland takes part in Kunst Zurich every year. A few years back I got to sit next to George Condo. One of my biggest inspirations it is always an honour to have your work sit next to one of your idols! Also with one of Tony Cragg’s sculptors!

  • Sketch book

    My sketch book travel s everywhere with me. I tend to fill them up quite quickly. I will post some more sketches as I go on so keep checking back to see some new ones!

    I try to translate these sketches to my large scale paintings. Obviously it is a whole different board game but there is still soul there.

  • Walls and Frames. Fine art from the street.

    A LONG time ago! I think nearly 8 years. I was asked along with some other great artist to be in Walls And Frames, fine art from the street. It is amusing now to see peoples styes have changed over the years gone by. For example Antony Micallef does the huge impasto portrait paintings now. Which is quite a step from what you used to do. If you look at my style too as I am completely abstract. It does all feel like a natural progression and that is the best thing about being an artist and growing as one. Where ever it may take you.

  • Ken Kamara

    The very talented Ken Kamara came round to shot me. We spent the morning getting it just right. Was happy with the outcome. Head over to his website and check his work out!

  • Fleur East At Vfestival

    Fleur East was performing at Vfestival over the weekend were she wore a bespoke jacket I designed. She asked me after purchasing a painting off me the she wanted a jacket too!

  • Many Nights, Many Faces.

    Here is many nights and many family and friends that I put through pain wrapping their faces with shrink wrap.  I promise you have your head wrapped for 5 minutes in this stuff and you will be freaking out.  Taking it off with a very sharp blade is always the amusing part!


    “London Portraits” was a group show in Munich featuring; Nick Gentry, Andrew Salgado & George Morton-Clark curated by Galerie Flash.

  • art nouveau artist interview


    George grew up in south London. He de-constructs the world around him in a non-conformist way to produce art that shows the necessary truths of our society.

  • STATED magazine artist PROFILE


    After getting “fired from pretty much every bar in South London,” George Morton-Clark decided the life of a professional painter was a better fit, and hasn’t looked back



    George Morton Clark is a portraitist who is concerned with how modern society is affecting and distorting our self image. In one painting a woman is oblivious to the viewer as she checks herself out on her phone. Meanwhile, her neighbour takes our photograph, but her eyes look vacant. It’s a great view of today’s…

  • TPC artist interview


    Meet George Morton Clark East London based artist, He invited us to his lovely studio where we briefly caught up with him to talk about what inspires him and what he is working on at the moment. What inspired you most to become an artist? I don’t believe anything inspired me. I have just always…