by George Morton-Clark

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Exhibitions Gallery/Museum/Solo/Art Fairs


Solo Show, Opera Gallery, Singapore


Solo Show, Koo House Museum, GGallery, Seoul, South Korea
Art Miami, Opera Gallery, Miami, USA
Daegu Art Fair, GGallery, Daegu, South Korea
Busan Art Fair, GGallery, Busan, South Korea
KIAF, GGallery, Seoul, South Korea
Galleries Art Fair, GGallery, Seoul, South Korea
Art021, GGallery, Shanghai, China
DNA Art Fair, Shenzhen, China
Art Wynwood, Eternity Gallery, Palm Beach, USA


Context Art Fair, Eternity Gallery, Miami, USA
Wynwood Art Fair, Eternity Gallery, Miami, USA
Palm Beach Art Fair, Eternity Gallery, Florida, USA
Art Busan, GGallery, Busan, South Korea
KIAF Art Fair, GGallery, Seoul, South Korea
ART021 Art Fair, GGallery, Shanghai, China
Solo Show, Eternity Gallery, Paris, France
Solo Show, Opera Gallery, London, UK
Group Show, Opera Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon
Heart & Soul Auction, Paddle 8, London, UK
Rankin x WaterAid Project, London, UK
Art Tokyo, JPS Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
Solo Show, JPS Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
Group Show, JPS Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
Group Show, Gin Huang Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan


Solo Show, GGallery, Seoul, South Korea
KIAF Art Fair, GGallery, Seoul, South Korea
Context Art Fair, Eternity Gallery, Miami, USA
Texas Contemporary, Eternity Gallery, Texas, USA
Group Show, Mirus Gallery, Denver, USA
Art Elysees, Opera Gallery, Paris, France
Duo Show, Opera Gallery, Hong Kong, China
Solo Show, Gin Huang Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
Art Hamptons, Eternity Gallery, The Bridgehampton Museum, USA
Choose Love,  Help the refugees, Auction, Sommerset House, London, UK
Art New York, Eternity Gallery, New York, USA
Group show, Artual Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon
Miami Open, Eternity Gallery, Miami, USA
Art Wynwood, Opera Gallery, Miami, USA


Art Basel, Miami, USA
Urban Poetry, Group show, Opera Gallery, Dubai
Beirut Art Fair, Artual Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon
Unsanctioned: Voices Off The Wall, Group show, Opera Gallery, Singapore
Group show, Artual, Abidjan, Ivory Coast, Africa
Moniker Art Fair, New York, USA
Group show, Artual gallery, Beirut, Lebanon


Artual, Abidjan, Ivory Coast, Africa
Arms Around The Child with Christies Auction house, London, UK
Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries, London, UK
Summer Exhibition, Maddox Gallery, London, UK
Knots Rugs, London, Chelsea, Nepalese hand made of a rug selected painting
Design Week, Beirut, Lebanon


MARR x George Morton-Clark Clothing line with MARR London, Collaboration
Group Show Spring, Vertes Modern, Switzerland
Group Show Winter, Vertes Modern, Switzerland


 Kunst Art Fair, Vertes Modern, Zurich, Switzerland
 Contemporary Painters, Vertes modern, Zurich, Switzerland
 Virtue Of Fools, Galerie Flash, Munich, Germany
  Stroke Art Fair, Galerie Flash, Munich, Germany
 Art Guitars, Cuckoo Club Regent Street, London, UK
 Seven Deadly Sins, Unit gallery, London, UK
The Devil’s Cabinet, Solo, Imitate Modern gallery, London, UK


All You Need Is Art, Galerie Flash, Munich, Germany
  UTOPIA, The UNIT Gallery, London, UK
 The UNIT Gallery, London, UK
DADA’S Little Bitch, London, UK
 London Portraits, Galerie Flash, Munich, Germany
 Macmillan Cancer Auction, London, UK
 International Music Summit, Ibiza, Spain
 The Multiple Sclerosis Society 60 years Auction,  Bristol, UK 


1 Year, Galerie flash,  Munich, Germany
 Brit Week, Los Angeles, USA
 Art Mosh, Munich, Germany
 Factory Project, Hospital Club, London,  UK


 Underdog Gallery, Group Show. London Bridge, UK
 Less Than Zero, Group Show, Virgin Islands
 See No Evil, Bristol, UK
 Urban In Ibiza, Azerto Hotel, Group Show, Ibiza, Spain
 Factory Project, Red Bull Studios, Group Show, London, UK
 Unknown, Whisper Gallery, Group Show, London, UK


From L, Group Show Lille, France
 Red propeller, Group Show, UK
 Mad Artist Tea Party, Future Gallery, London, Uk
 Geisha, London v Brighton, Group Show, Brighton, UK
Art Against Knives with Honda, Group Show, Truman Brewery, London, UK


Mutate Britain, Group Show, West London, UK
 Represent Blackall Studios, Group Show, London, UK
 The Show Must Go On, Group Show, Urban Angel, London, UK

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George Morton-Clark, a British artist, utilizes oil, acrylic, and charcoal on unprimed canvas to bring familiar cartoon characters to life. With a combination of bold images and strong colors, his line drawings are immersed in an abstract atmosphere of energy and liveliness.

George Morton-Clark guides us into his energetic work with an interesting combination of these three elements: intense colors, spontaneous drawings, and nostalgic cartoon characters. His work may seem simple at first glance, just a straightforward fusion of cartoon characters and abstract components, yet something striking lies in the midst. The artist’s rich imagination and sensibility are freely expressed; he is not restricted by a single genre, and all kinds of colorful materials naturally communicate their allegorical stories to those viewing his work.

Morton-Clark adds originality and story to already familiar cartoon characters, and through this, they are reborn with a newfound sense of vitality and meaning. He is wary of complacency and constantly strives to move his work in a new direction. This results in his art becoming a mixture of a variety of styles—abstract elements mingling with figurative, and expressionistic techniques also adding to the diversity represented in his work. Morton-Clark utilises the natural, unprimed surface of his canvas as a place to bring well-known characters such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Tom and Jerry, to life. They are drawn in such a way that embodies both the charm of a painting that is finished and one that is still in progress. Even the chaotic, exaggerated portions of his work are expressed with such a natural frankness that they are transformed into positive elements that inspire vitality and liveliness.

Another element that catches the eye, is the numerous characters that continuously make appearances in his paintings. Their large eyes stare at us from the canvas, in a striking and overemphasized fashion. Their gazes are enough to evoke a collection of emotions; everything we feel and express. Whether they are conveying surprise or fear, or if they are actually a representation of the artist’s eyes, is unsure. Nonetheless, we are engulfed in a state of curiosity which the artist responds to with an ambiguous simplicity. His artwork is simply a gift to the viewer; a small window of relaxation and simple enjoyment that the viewer can use to imagine to their heart’s content.

George Morton-Clark’s work, which has been highly praised by Dr. Rolf Lauter, former Chief Curator and Deputy Director of the MMK Museum of Modern Art in Frankfurt, Germany, emanates humility and candor. To appreciate his work properly, one must take in the contents splayed upon the entirety of the canvas, instead of looking for a hidden meaning behind them. Rather than presenting a grand, elaborate theme about our time, and trying to integrate himself into some section of art history, he presents pieces that resemble comfortable and fun times spent laughing and talking to close friends.