Joy, For Now

Solo show, Singapore, Opera Gallery


In this series, Morton-Clark’s characters are often tantalising syntheses of abstract elements, all living in and navigating their own mysterious universe of chance encounters and ambiguous happenings. But there are no guises and no charades; just honest characters perhaps each with their own allegorical stories. They tell tales of a familiar sensation of wanting to be everything at once; to experience all extents of joy in short moments, which Morton- Clark beautifully captures.

Just like a flower that blooms in a hostile environment, Morton-Clark’s works represent hope, vitality, strength and breath-taking life that is possible through an engagement with unfiltered imagination and child-like curiosity. Dr. Rolf Lauter (former Deputy Director, MMK Frankfurt) said it best, that Morton-Clark “presents pieces that resemble comfortable and fun times spent laughing and talking to close friends”. Sometimes joy is that simple. Sometimes joy is always acknowledging the good in moments, no matter how small. Sometimes a memory; or a reminder of life and its intricacies; even just a glimpse of one magical moment, can feel more magnetic than any grand theme.

Opera Gallery Singapore invites you to join us in an exploration of George Morton-Clark’s world of infinite possibilities, while together we rethink our simple, everyday joy, for now.

‘Joy, for now’ is as the title suggests, a roll- off-the-tongue joy, a celebration of run-of-the-mill moments. In a world where we are constantly told that uncertainty could be just around the corner, there is a kind of joy that exists in the present, always within reach if we just look, even if it means forgetting the world for one instant. Collectively, we have all learned to never take anything for granted anymore, to recognise that the little things are never unimportant.