“All Good And Make Believe”, Solo Show, Paris


For his first solo exhibition in Paris, British artist George Morton-Clark unveils a series of new works. They show the artist’s favourite characters, as well as his unmistakable style: Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, and Bart Simpson seem to be drafts, but a closer study reveals careful work on the lines, movement, and the dissolution of the character. Visitors will also be able to admire a selection of sculptures showing the artist’s exploration of a new medium.

Passionate about animation and drawing, he began to study animation at the Surrey Institute of Art and Design. He soon realised that the traditional manner of creating cartoons was shifting towards the digital medium, and decided to study fine arts instead. The result is unparalleled: with his cartoon characters that resemble sketches of cartoon drawings, George Morton-Clark provokes a range of emotions and suddenly thrusts us back into childhood. Here, Garfield, Pluto, and the Pink Panther are depicted with the same features as in the cartoons, but they have a new vitality.

George Morton-Clark explores the world he creates beyond our childhood by giving these characters a new look. While his works may emphasise the darkest aspects of today’s society, they gather and unite viewers by taking them back to the jubilation of childhood.

Eternity Gallery is delighted to introduce the artist to a Parisian audience in this solo show that presents new works, as well as the artist’s very first sculptures.


Alexandre Sarfati
Eternity Gallery Miami


Marie de Bettignies
Eternity Gallery Paris