The two sculptures “All Good and Make Believe” and “Last Orders” are concrete models of Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse. I chose these two characters for their iconic imagery.

When I was traveling around Greece as a 19-year-old I noticed that many of the concrete buildings looked like they were unfinished and you could still see the iron rods sticking out from the rooftops. I later found out this was for tax purposes. I thought at the time that in some way this would be a good concept to use in a sculpture. The concrete and iron rods have an architectural relationship with each other.

Fast forward nearly 20 years and when I was designing the sculptures I thought the concrete with the rusted iron bars would be perfect for the aesthetics and facilitate in the design. The idea of having these very bright 20th-century icons made into Pseudo-Greek, Brutalist, industrial sculptures, which contrasts well. The concrete and the movement makes them seem as if they are frozen and stuck in time. The iron bars lend themselves well to the sculpture and the extension of the movement and decay I wanted to create.

I named them slightly tongue-in-cheek. Last Orders, because it looks like Mickey is rushing to the bar before closing time, and All Good and Make Believe, because I wanted to satirise the world at this moment.