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Meet George Morton Clark East London based artist, He invited us to his lovely studio where we briefly caught up with him to talk about what inspires him and what he is working on at the moment.

What inspired you most to become an artist?

I don’t believe anything inspired me. I have just always been this way – always wanting to paint and create. I get very cranky and bored if I am unable to get in the studio and disappear into my own world. To be honest I am always thinking about my work and that is probably why people think I am have a short attention span!

What influences your work and why?

To be cliché, everything does. The whole world is my inspiration. It could be having a conversation with someone and they will trigger an image in my head or a sound that will make me wonder off into my head and associating it with something else and making that connection that is what makes me an artist.

Do you feel your style has changed throughout the years?

With out a shadow of a doubt! If you look at what I am doing now to what I a was doing 15 years ago you would think it is a different person! Even five years back. To me though it is all part of an evolution. Sticking with the same format is stale and does not fit my ethos. I love to experiment and if I think I am heading down a right path then I will walk down it. You have to push yourself and put your self outside your comfort zone (oh another cliché) but it is true making that leap is what will put you above the rest. As one day you will end up somewhere and think “how did I get here?” That is the beauty of it!

What fellow artist do you admire?

So many! A List too long to write. Andrew Salgado who’s studio is round the corner is amazing. He is very inventive in his work. He actually put me onto another artist called Jacopo Dal Bello and he had a exhibition off brick lane. I was blown away by it extremely talented guy and think we will be hearing way more from him in the coming future.

You recently have done a collaboration with Marr London can we expect more of these collaborations in the future?

To be honest I like being on and working on my own. It was great working with MARR and they have given me complete freedom and working on my own terms – you can’t beat that.  If the right project comes along and it feels right for sure!

What are you working on at the moment?

For myself and working on my practice. It is a never ending rope and so happy and thankful that. It is like a computer game that will never end and cannot complete. A few group shows coming up with the view of a solo show next year.

If you could see one of your pieces in anybody’s home who would it be and why ?

It would have to be an artist you respect as that I think would be a great honor! I love Albert Oehlen and the way he paints so that would be a great deal. Also if I could get one to Joyce Pensato that would be amazing too!

Proudest career moment to date?

So many I can’t really say them all. I am just thankful everyday that I get to do what I love and have the freedom to do what I love. That itself makes me very proud!

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Photo Credit ‘ Maryam Ele

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